Advanced Hatha For 2012

Over the next twelve months, Meghan Maris will be posting in the Yoga Bhoga blog to expand on the topics covered in her Hatha classes. This is a view to explore the topics covered in class in more depth. Students can choose to follow the blog postings from class to class or simply read particular topics that interest them. In the month of January, Meghan will introduce the concept of Yoga, its philosophy and aim. There will be a few questions at the end of each blog that allow the student to reflect and apply critical thinking. Yoga teaches us to never accept the teachings blindly. We learn from our teachers’ direct experience, but it is essential we then apply that knowledge to our own practice and come to our own conclusions. Meghan will offer different insights, both practical and theoretical, for expanding the practice beyond the mat as well as suggested further reading.

The month's work will come to its conclusion on the last Tuesday of the month in the 2 hour Advanced Hatha Yoga Class from 7:30-9:30.