Dancing the Five Vayus ~ A Yoga Synthesis

What is Visionary Yoga? From an earlier blog post I will share again a brief description of Visionary yoga as a term coined to bring attention to both the inner vision and manifesting outer inspirations that we can bring into the world through yoga. From visual arts, to new world views and social movements, to living systems design for waste and energy management ~ there is no limit to the inspirations of our practice and how we can ground it into our everyday world.Dancing the Five Vayus as a practice supports the embodiment of Visionary Yoga through the cultivation of inner space and awareness through our attention to subtle energies in our breath and movement, with benefits for our yoga both on and off the mat.

What is Dreaming Co:Nexus?

Succinctly, it is a Healing Arts Collaborative. Most famous for live painting collaborations and art with healing intentions for the individual and cultural collective levels. www.dreamingconex.us The Visionary Yoga series which began with the Chandra Namaskar on the Winter Solstice is a natural, yet new direction.

In an auspicious and unplanned alignment, David Heskin and Aloria Weaver, co-founders of Dreaming Conexus and Art Spirit Now, will be presenting at Alchemeyez Visionary Art Congress on the Big Island of Hawaii at the same time that we host the Visionary Yoga event of Dancing the Five Vayus at Yoga Bhoga in Portland on May 14.

The Vayus events will feature the art of Aloria Weaver in the form of her Chakra Scroll

Why the connection between Dance and Yoga?

On a personal level the complimentary practices of yoga and dance have become a natural fusion for me over the years. As a practitioner of ecstatic dance, an ecstatic dance facilitator and a yoga teacher it is an obvious bridge to make. The purpose of offering Dancing the Five Vayus is to bring even more of the connection between the two into light through an exploration of breath and energy from the heart of Yoga.

What is Dancing the Five Vayus?

It is a synthesis that I have been developing over the past several years through the integration of several concepts and the study of many complimentary systems of thought and yogic philosophy.

At a most practical level it will include creating a space to begin on our mats, and to maintain that yogic focus and presence, while also offering the invitation to dance off our mats, exploring the expansion of our movement through the flow of our asana practice and beyond. Essentially it is about stretching the edge between form and flow in our practice. The musing themes of the movements of Prana (the Five Vayus) create a shared focal point for the exploratory movement connecting the traditional shapes of our asanas and expanding into our authentic movement in the moment.

You can think of it as an opportunity to stretch and move as you are inspired, responding to the motivations for movement that your body is called to through deep listening, breathing, some verbal cues and the inspiration of those around you.

The introductory sessions, May 14th and June 4th, will include an overview of the Five Vayus with a description of each, following by a musically inspired, self-directed practice with both an invitation to follow the map of the Vayus, and supportive cues from a facilitator.

The long-term vision for the practice is to offer longer immersive journeys with the material, as well as a 6 week series format for diving more deeply into the rich content surrounding each of the Five Vayus.

Want to know more? Feel free to ask Keala when you see him in the studio or email him directly. You can also just come and join us for the practice Saturday May 14 or June 4th from 6:30-8:30pm, the cost of this special offering is $15.