December News from Yoga Bhoga

Namaste Yogi,  

The holiday season has begun and Yoga Bhoga has a variety of workshops in theme with the season starting this weekend!

Yoga views food as medicine to nourish and sustain the physical body. If we lack discrimination about how and what we eat, our dietary choices can take a tremendous toll on our digestive system and leave the body undernourished. Come learn from one of our masterful teachers, Emily Light, on how to stoke your digestive fire and promote healthy elimination. Yoga for Digestion will provide you with insights which will move you through the holiday season and into the New Year nourished and vitalized!

Yoga Bhoga is pleased to welcome guest teacher Rachel Stern for a special workshop, Yoga of the Hanukah Story. Rachel brings tremendous care and joy to her classes. She is known for the delight that she brings to her story telling. This workshop will be inclusive to all faiths and belief systems, but Rachel will be conveying religious themes to honor the Jewish holiday of Hanukah.  


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