Molly Lannon Kenny

It’s your chance to join Amy Armstrong and Leigh Drake to study with their teacher Molly Lannon Kenny in her upcoming workshops at Yoga Bhoga. Read on to learn about Amy and Leigh’s experience with Molly. What attracted you to study with Molly?

Leigh: Meeting Molly was different from anyone else I had met; she doesn’t just talk about meeting people where they are, she actually does it. Being present, not judging, examining the quality of action; these are integral to how Molly operates. Amy: Molly clearly demonstrates a commitment to being inclusive of all kinds of people. Samarya Center serves a community of people with incredibly diverse abilities and backgrounds, embracing, celebrating and supporting all of them.What was the most interesting thing you learned from Molly during your training?

Leigh: That I can’t truly be present with others unless I have the capacity to love them. And to love anyone, I have to love myself. And that I am worth loving. Amy: The most powerful lessons I’ve taken from Molly as a teacher are lessons I’ve learned about myself. Through classes and discussions as well as personal conversations, working with Molly has been profoundly healing and has helped me to celebrate my strengths, accept my flaws, and love myself in a more honest and complete way.

If you had to describe Molly in a single word, what would it be?

Leigh: Fierce Amy: Fierce

How have your studies with Molly affected your approach to teaching?

Leigh: That I have to get my ego out of the way so that I can teach. I do not identify as “A TEACHER”, I let my Self be present so that teaching can occur. Amy: I’m willing to take more risks, rather than always working where I’m comfortable. I spent a good part of my life terrified to make a mistake, always wanting to “do it right.” Now I’m more willing to be with uncertainty, and it’s quite liberating. Also, we are brought up in a tremendously judgmental culture, and most of us are a lot better at identifying what we dislike or what’s wrong about a person or situation. Working with Molly has given me a deeper awareness, as well as a whole lot of tools, to help me be the compassionate person I want to be.

Workshops start May 27th! See our workshop description for more information.