Morning Immersion

“A person is what one’s desire is. It is our deepest desire in this life that shapes the life to come. So let us direct our deepest desires to know the self that is born of cosmic silence.” ~ Chandogya Upanishad

We are the creators of our lives and what we manifest is shaped through our mind. The quality of our mind determines the way we perceive and respond to the world. The condition of our mind shapes our thoughts, speech, and behaviour. Rather than feeling like we are at the mercy of our circumstances, we have the capability of shaping a life of our choosing. In order to influence the direction of our life, we must first understand the nature of our mind. During the Morning Immersion we will be working on practices which will help to strengthen the mind - body network.  

The mind has two sets of attributes. The innate attribute of mind is Pure Awareness. Our acquired attributes are habitual, conditioned, and unconscious patterns which we identify with and these patterns mould our lives. However, we are not limited by our external identity but, we often stay confined by it because we cannot see past it. We are unaware of our profound potential. We create a narrative(s) about ourselves, our lives, our relationships, and we continue to feed our story for better or worse. Setting a sacred intention is a conscious choice to change one’s narrative.

Sankalpa is a sacred intention which is held in the greater mind. The “greater mind,” is known as the buddhi. The buddhi is considered to be the portion of our mind which is closest to Pure Awareness. The buddhi is our highest intellect. When we are operating from our buddhi we have entered into the state of “the silent witness” or sakshi. In the state of witnessing, we are in a state of clarity. We are observing what we are doing, but we have freedom from our emotional entanglements and responses. The witnessing state is an expanded state as it is the state in which we are in closest contact with Pure Awareness. When we are operating from our conditioned responses, we are constricted by our perceived limitations and false personality.

The purpose of the Morning Immersion is to make a commitment to yourself and your practice. The other aspect of the Morning Immersion is the soon approaching summer solstice. Anytime we move toward the solstice or equinox, the energy in the etheric field is charged with energy which supports our deepest desires arising from our heart. It is a good time to reflect, assess, clear out, and call in. Therefore setting intentions for the upcoming solstice will be prompted through the week’s practice.

The Morning Immersion two hour sessions will be primarily focused on the practices of Hatha yoga with a specialised focus of breathing techniques. The sessions will be similar from day to day to foster a meditative experience and allow the student to drop into their practice. To understand the nature of the mind according to yoga, yoga philosophy will be threaded through the classes, as well as, prompts around setting intentions. The energy of the week building to the solstice will be ripe to deepen the efforts of discipline. If we do desire to understand the fullness of who  we truly are, it requires that we commit to our practice and our intentions.

Urdhva Dhanurasa - Upward Facing Bow

Urdhva Dhanurasa - Upward Facing Bow