Reflections From Molly Lannon Kenny

It's been just exactly one month since I headed south from the Emerald City to the Rose City, from the color of the heart chakra to the color of the heart center. It was my very first time teaching my newest workshop series, Yoga and Social Change, and I was excited, nervous and inspired to share with and learn from my friends to the south. That first night, as soon as I arrived at Yoga Bhoga, I knew that I had come home, or arrived at another place where I felt totally comfortable and totally encouraged. The studio was as bright and warm as the hearts with which I connected and my nervousness soon transformed to joyous, grateful energy as I soaked in the dedication, curiosity, selflessness and deep compassion of my Portland students and colleagues. The weekend unfolded with joy and humor, and I was overwhelmed by the presence of all of these Boddhisattva's who were dedicated to sharing the gift of Yoga with anyone who would benefit. Scott Lennartz, Yoga Bhoga's owner and chief steward, his devoted students, and a few of his teachers who are also my students, grounded the audience in a place of love, humility and open mindedness. All of the new students we met that weekend revealed themselves to be every bit as committed and gracious, not just to me, not just to each other, but to help create a world with less suffering and more love. As I headed back from the rose to the green my heart was lighter and more on fire than ever.

We are all in this together. We really can be the change we wish to see in the world. And we can uplift and inspire one another through our hearts, our words, our actions, and above all our Yoga. Thank you Portland, thank you Yoga Bhoga, thank you Scott, from the very depths of the rain forest of my heart.

Molly Lannon Kenny, MS-CCC Founder and Executive Director