Reflections: Portland, Oregon

I enjoy traveling in Oregon, finding friendly people in Portland to play with, and having a great connection with the AcroYoga kula/community at Yoga Bhoga. It was a bit of a surprising awesome-ness since I was prepared for 11 students/flying friends and was gifted with 23 flying, willing yoga people! In our (brief) two hours together, we engaged in partner conditioning, activating our centers, and tuning our power lines in relationship to one another, leading us to take on acrobatic flights in Star Flights transitions to floating paschi and/or box. (Curious? Check out an upcoming workshop at Yoga Bhoga!)

The support and awareness of the group together allowed everyone to strive towards their highest potential. An intentional, safe container, set up within the energy of the Yoga Bhoga community, allowed everyone to explore the possibilities of the AcroYoga practice. Thank you for hosting me and I look forward to returning June 10-12th 2011 for an AcroYoga Acrobatic Spin Cycle at Yoga Bhoga.