The Element of Wood: Transforming dreams into action! With Anne Witmer

Have you been feeling stagnant, trapped, stuck in a rut?

Get your wood chi flowing to ignite growth, expansion and change

Chinese Medicine describes springtime as being dominated by the element of “wood” which we observe in nature as the force that pushes new growth up from the ground.  Wood energy propels that which has been hidden out into the light of visibility.

In our own lives, wood energy is the creative force that compels us towards growth and change and provides us with a sense of purpose and direction.  Wood energy gives us the courage to overcome our own limiting patterns and allows us to become more fully ourselves.  Just as wood energy pushes plants up from the ground, it can also inspire us to bring our own hidden talents out into the world.  

When are wood energy is weak or stagnant we tend to feel stuck, bored and frustrated.  Either we just can’t get going or our efforts to obtain what we want seem to be constantly thwarted.  Living in a frustrated state of unfulfilled desires blocks our wood chi and leads to disharmony in both the mind and body.  However, rather than chasing after futile pursuits, it is better to cultivate a sense of contentment and gratitude for what is already in our lives.  This is the best way to unblock the flow of energy and ultimately put us back on the right track.

Spring is the best time to nurture strong, flowing wood chi in our bodies.  One way to do so is with Yin Yoga. There are specific yin poses that stimulate the meridians and organs associated with wood, namely the liver and gallbladder.   The liver meridian runs on the inner thigh and can be targeted by poses such as butterfly or dragonfly (wide straddle). The gallbladder meridian runs on the outside of the legs and hips and can be targeted with hip openers such as shoelace or square pose.   Holding these poses for a number of minutes can help strengthen and pool the chi as well as help unblock stagnation in the meridians. The effect can be enhanced by employing mindful meditation during the practice or using self-inquiry to explore how and why one feels blocked and frustrated.  

Once your wood chi is strong and flowing, the sky’s the limit!  

So here’s to spring and here’s to being our best selves!