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Asana for Meditation


It is a misconception that sitting for meditation is easy. The students body is asked to maintain a lifted spine, relaxed yet supportive abdomen, and ease in the hips all the while staying focused on the breath. To achieve all of these nuances to your sitting shape it is helpful to understand what demands are actually being placed on your body during your sitting position and how to adjust for your own personal tight or weak patterns.

In this workshop Krista will guide you through an awareness meditation drawing your attention to your comfort or possibly discomfort in your seat. Then through a series of anatomical explorations and exercises we will learn about what may be working against our attempt to find a still mind. Ending on a final seat, hopefully one that is more comfortable and sustainable, you will take a similar guided meditation through the new subtle bodies openings in your seat.

This Workshop Costs $30

Earlier Event: September 27
Later Event: October 6
Intro to Ayurveda