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Autumn Yin Intensive: The Element of Metal & the Art of Letting Go

  • Yoga Bhoga 1028 Southeast Water Avenue Portland, OR, 97214 United States (map)
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Yin Yoga is based on the principles of Chinese Medicine which describes the natural world and the human body, as comprised of 5 universal elements: fire, metal, water, wood, earth. During autumn when we observe the falling of leaves, feel a crispness in the air and sense a pull to turn inward, we are experiencing the energy of the metal element which is the dominant force in nature at this time. On a psychological level, metal energy challenges us to deal with change and loss and is associated with the emotion of grief. But when our metal chi is strong, we are able to transform grief into courage, resilience and a deep appreciation for the beauty of life.

During this workshop we will learn more about how metal energy or chi affects the body and mind and how to adapt our lifestyle to live in balance with seasonal changes. Together, we will engage in an in-depth, yin yoga practice to specifically stimulate the organs and meridians governed by metal (the lungs & large intestine) in order to release stagnation & encourage smooth, energetic flow. In addition, we will discuss grief and the life events that trigger the emotion from the obvious ones - death of a loved one, to the not so obvious - the loss of dreams & expectations. Meditation & self-inquiry will be incorporated during the practice to help release resistance to change, create healing around loss & grief and encourage a deeper appreciation for life in the present moment.

This is a powerful workshop for anyone who is currently struggling with big changes or grieving a loss or for those who are simply interested in learning more about the principles of Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine.