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Awakening Saraswati: Explore Your Voice through Yoga and Chanting

  • Yoga Bhoga 1028 Southeast Water Avenue Portland, OR, 97214 United States (map)

Do you struggle to use your voice to speak openly and honestly? Do you want to explore your own capacity for clear, confident, and creative self-expression? By invoking Saraswati, goddess of language, insight, and creativity, we can unlock the power and potential of our own unique voice. The voice, located at the vishuddha (or throat) chakra, can be thought of as the gateway between our inner and outer words. It holds the key to expressing our inner experience and transforming our outer world through words. During this two-hour workshop, students will learn about the mythology of Saraswati, practice yoga asana to unlock the throat chakra, and explore their own voice through guided meditation, visualization, breathwork, chanting, and dynamic movements.

A story about my relationship with yoga and my voice: Before I developed a regular yoga practice, I struggled to communicate my needs and desires. I was often crippled by self-doubt and insecurity and I did not know how to speak my mind without voices of the inner critic getting in the way. Although, I have always been a creative person, I found my creativity often stifled by fear of not being good enough. As I delved into the yoga practice, I felt the gateway of my voice open up. Through asana, meditation, and especially chanting practice, I am learning how to embrace my own voice. I am learning to trust myself and speak my truth, to communicate my needs and wants in relationship to others, and to become a conduit for inspiration and creative expression, sans self-judgment and criticism. Believe it or not, I even write original songs and sing them to strangers in public! I would be honored if you would let me guide you through this powerful practice to awaken Saraswati in your life, your relationships, your spiritual practices, and your creative pursuits.

All are welcome. Please wear comfortable clothing that allows you full range of movement and unrestricted breath. No singing, chanting, or yoga experience required