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"Yoga, of course, actively undermines conventional patterns of existence, at least insofar as they prevent inner freedom, peace and happiness. In that sense it is a radical teaching, which goes to the root of the problem: lethargy, fear of change, prejudice, self-delusion -- all of which can be summarized as ignorance (avidya). The whole purpose of Yoga is remove ignorance, which is in the way of enlightenment. Therefore Yoga speaks to every single unillumined person in the world." - Georg Feuerstein

Join Meghan Maris for this dive into George Feuersteins over-arching text on yoga, yoga traditions, yoga in modern society, and yogis philosophy. For those who are newer to yoga or who want to learn the history with great depth this can be such a dynamic way to learn. Join the community of Yoga Bhoga for rich discussions and more.

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