Restorative Yoga

restorative yoga

As contemporary humans, our new “normal” is to live in a state of chronic stress. Physiologically, stress hor-mones flood the body and heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure all rise. Blood is directed to the extremities in preparation to fight or flee, at the expense of the internal organs and the immune system. 

A restorative yoga practice helps to activate the relaxation response, which results in a reduction of stress hormones, lower heart rate, breathing rate and blood pressure, and an increase in blood flow to the internal organs. This practice is an effective way to come down from the elevated stress state, soothe the nervous system, and encourage the body and mind to come back to a place of healing and balance.

In this workshop, we will use props to fully support our bodies in a series of gentle reclining postures. We will hold each pose for 10-20 minutes in order to receive the full benefits of the relaxation response. All levels welcome. Attendance is limited so reserve your space now.

Taught by Amy Armstrong

This workshop Cost $30