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Summer Solstice: 108 Salutations

  • Yoga Bhoga 1028 Southeast Water Avenue Suite 265 Portland, OR, 97214 United States (map)

To celebrate the summer solstice, Meghan Maris will lead the traditional 108 sun salutations to honor the returning of the sun. After our homage to the light, Anne Witmer will guide a quiet yin practice which will take us deep inside to embrace the beauty of darkness, the birthplace of all creativity. This practice will be a powerful observance to the longest day of the year! In Sanskrit, sun salutations are called surya namaskars. Surya is the name of the Hindu sun god and namas means "to bow to" make each sun salutation a bowing to the sun - Earth's primary source of energy and light. Surya namaskars are a fluid sequence of twelve movements to honor the twelve months of the year, as well as the twenty four hours in the day.

Join Anne Witmer and Meghan Maris on the longest day of the year for 108 Sun Salutations followed by a soothing Yin practice to fully integrate the energy produced from bowing to the sun 108 times. This practice is a time to honor the light of awareness within each one of us, set intentions, and shed old and limiting patterns.

This Workshop Costs $35