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Yoga for Anxiety


While the experience of anxiety is a universal one, anxiety can manifest in lots of different ways. You may feel your heart or breathing rate amp up, or cyclical thoughts, or a tight belly making deep breaths difficult. What’s underneath the myriad of expressions of anxiety is a very basic nervous system function. When there’s stress or perceived threat, the autonomic nervous system responds in one of three ways - by activating: the sympathetic nervous system, the dorsal vagal parasympathetic nervous system, or the ventral vagal parasympathetic nervous system. One of the expressions of sympathetic nervous system arousal is anxiety. This means that independent of the roots of the anxiety, nor how your body expresses anxiety, the yoga tools are the same. Whether you experience social anxiety, stage freight, worrying thoughts, or tension in your body, this workshop will provide you with strategies to cope with anxiety in the moment, as well as long-term strategies to build resiliency overall. Techniques for calming down in the moment is only part of the practice, the other part is learning how to strengthen the nervous system to better tolerate the ups and downs of living a human life.

Taught by Emily Light

This Workshop Costs $45