Yogic Lore Flow: Kali

  • Yoga Bhoga 1028 Southeast Water Avenue No. 265 Portland, OR, 97214

Transform Loss and Failure into Clarity and Courage through the Energies of Goddess Kali.

There is fear associated with the dark. Often people will imagine the various dangers that lurk in the shadows. Yet within yourself, it is in your shadow that you discover your innate wisdom. Only from the depths of your shadows are you able to transform. This is the lesson of the dark goddess, Kali.

Join Kimi Marin for storytelling, discussion, and a yoga practice on Kali, the goddess of Yogic Transformation. Kali, whose name means time, is the goddess who symbolizes the constant cycle of death and birth, growth and evolution.  Kali, a goddess whose appearance can be terrifying, appears to us at times we need to break down barriers, release egoistic tendencies and karmic patterns.  She reminds us that only through release do we evolve into our best self. Come learn about this transformative goddess and how to dive into the dark to radiate your light.

Teacher: Kimi Marin

Cost: $30 on or before October 22nd and $35 after

October 15
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