In Sanskrit, bhoga means fun or enjoyment. In this spirit we offer quality yoga instruction across a variety of styles and traditions to create a practice that is safe, challenging, and enjoyable for students of all experience levels.

Bhoga Blog

Ten Yoga Poses You Can Learn Today

Yoga is seeing a big surge in popularity today and for good reason. It not… Read More

The Yogipreneur’s Guide to Happy, Successful Yoga Teachers

The teachers, in a large part, create the ambiance of the studio. They are the ones who interact with students and whose energy infuses a room. The goal of many studio owners is to hire responsible, knowledgeable, and dedicated teachers who create an atmosphere in line with the studio vision…. Read More

The Importance of Breathing in Yoga

Breathing is what causes the movement of energy and what helps the body relax. An already-stiff body that tries to shape itself into different poses will only injure itself. But when we breathe deeply, we can open ourselves to feel more emotion, as well as be more in tune with what’s happening in our bodies. Breathing deeply in yoga can actually help you avoid injury. … Read More

The Realistic Sadhana

A morning sadhana is like setting an intention for your day Staying in bed and sleeping late, may be wonderful at the moment but feeling like crap all morning…… Read More

At The Studio

4th of July Schedule

We are offering two 90-minute classes on the 4th of July:

9am vinyasa with Emily Light

11am hatha with Meghan Maris

July 11: Emergency Response Training

Be prepared! This training includes CPR training for adults and children, how to operate A.E.D. equipment, and basic first aid for a variety of symptoms (i.e. Choking, Bleeding, Seizure, Shock, Stroke, Breathing Difficulty, Fainting, Breaks, Burns)

Aug 15-Sept 12: Curvy Yoga Series

Make peace with those parts of you that have felt like a hurdle you needed to work around, and explore the joy of practicing WITH everything you bring to the mat. Learn appropriate modifications for every shape and size that will turn even the most frustrating of postures into nurturing and safe alignment-based movement.