In Sanskrit, bhoga means fun or enjoyment. In this spirit we offer quality yoga instruction across a variety of styles and traditions to create a practice that is safe, challenging, and enjoyable for students of all experience levels.

Bhoga Blog

Savasana: A Journey into Shame, Surrender, and Spirit

There is a Hindu myth where Ganesha attends a lavish dinner party hosted by Kubera,… Read More

The Unexpected Paths of Life

Like the yoga itself, each day I was forced to let go of my ego, make mistakes, and meet myself exactly where I was and not where I wanted to be. I confronted myself in new and exciting ways supported by the philosophy, theory, and community of yoga…. Read More

The Serpentine Wave of Transformation

During the time when we are removing subtle energetic layers, we too can become vision impaired: unable to see our future, we often get irritable, excited, and act in unexpected ways as we release old parts of ourselves to grow bigger and stronger…. Read More

Taking Heart into the Matter

Over the weekend I attended Meghan Maris’ Ethics of Yoga workshop. This workshop was a… Read More

At The Studio

Apr 26: Restorative Yoga

A restorative yoga practice helps to activate the relaxation response and encourages the body and mind to come back to a place of healing and balance.

May 17: Myth and Mantra

Join Sweethome Teacup and Kim Marin to learn how myths and mantra harmonize to lift your consciousness and move you towards your highest potential. No Asana.